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The Law of Attraction
S:1 E:9 Lindsey Ofcacek

S:1 E:9 Lindsey Ofcacek

Lindsey Ofcacek is both a co-founder and the director for The LEE Initiative, which launched in late 2017 and has a mission of addressing issues of diversity and equality in the restaurant industry. Since launching The LEE Initiative, Ofcacek has created several programs under its umbrella, including Women Chefs of KY; Restaurant Workers Relief Program; Restaurant Reboot Relief Program; Regrow; and McAtee Community Kitchen. Prior to starting The LEE Initiative, Ofcacek worked with Chef Edward Lee at 610 Magnolia as the general manager and wine director. Ofcacek has worked in almost every part of the food business, from farming and distribution to cooking and managing. Prior to joining the team at 610 Magnolia, Ofcacek helped open Decca, working as the front of house manager and then events manager. She has devoted years of tireless work in the local food community. When she’s not working, she enjoys spending time with her husband and two sons, listening to records, and hosting dinner parties inspired by Martha Stewart. Lee Initiative Website: Lee Initiative Instagram: Chef Edward Lee Instagram: Kitchen Brain Podcast Website: Kitchen Brain Podcast Instagram: Mike Matarazzo Instagram: Be Better Culinary Perspectives Website:
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